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In 1999, after a couple of years fiddling with that blogging thing on various other people's domains, I thought I had enough things to say to merit my very own corner of this here interweb. In 2007, I suddenly ran out of ammo. Thankfully, that didn't last forever... So, I'm back. Still not dead yet. Like a phoenix from the ashes. Behold.

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February 28, 2002

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The Snoop Deville Arrives


Seems Snoop Dogg is signing deals all over the place. He recently signed his Doggy Style imprint to major label MCA, and now he apparently has a deal in the works with General Motors. The West Coast rapper will be designing his very own special edition luxury car the Snoop Deville. "I collect a lot of old school cars," says Snoop, "'cos when I was growing up I used to see Cadillacs with nice looking interiors and I always wanted to have one." The Caddie, which should be in production next year, will be limited edition with hydraulics. Says Snoop, "It's gonna be sharp."

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ya know, (you may have heard this one), if Snoop Doggy Dog married Winnie the Pooh, he'd be Snoop Doggy Dog Pooh! (a knee-slapper, I know)