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In 1999, after a couple of years fiddling with that blogging thing on various other people's domains, I thought I had enough things to say to merit my very own corner of this here interweb. In 2007, I suddenly ran out of ammo. Thankfully, that didn't last forever... So, I'm back. Still not dead yet. Like a phoenix from the ashes. Behold.

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water tower ah, Berlin... just a bit crowded... sound advice nubian pole dancers! our ride our ride ice rink winter sea wallpaper

February 27, 2002

:: in case there was any doubt... ::

... that our country loves deception over reality and fluff over truth, that we have so little faith in our ability to respond in an 'appropriate' fashion, even to events as big and exciting as the Winter Olympics, that we would rather structure and regulate that response than just let people cheer for whoever the fuck they want to - just in case any of you thought We the People were beyond that, I give you this.

[many thanks to Karen for the link]

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