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In 1999, after a couple of years fiddling with that blogging thing on various other people's domains, I thought I had enough things to say to merit my very own corner of this here interweb. In 2007, I suddenly ran out of ammo. Thankfully, that didn't last forever... So, I'm back. Still not dead yet. Like a phoenix from the ashes. Behold.

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October 22, 2001

:: evidence ::

Finally, living proof (in color, even) of last night's debauchery. Featuring Eric's best Fu-Manchu impersonation, Renee's sexy Siberian librarian look, Phin's naughty badger sex, and of course yours truly in truly appalling form (even Stephen agrees - look!).

Ah yes. Such is the stuff that Sundays are made of...

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badgersex reminded me of this:

(beware, offensive)

These are the reasons why we love Andreas. Or fear him, as the case may be.

From Molly: "Make it stop! He's going to do something and it can't be good!"

Weez, what, prey-tell, are you doing with your "free" hand? The look on Stephen's face makes one wonder.